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modzee™ Events

Customize and manage both internal and external events right from your modzee™ digital workplace. This module gives your admins and managers a simple and effective tool to manage your events from start to finish.

modzee Events
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modzee™ Schedule & Shift Marketplace

Manage employee schedules right from your modzee™ digital workplace. Powerful features like availability preferences, permissions settings and training requirements empower your team to quickly and effectively manage a complicated scheduling process. Enable modzee™ Shift Marketplace for a simple approach to managing the constant flow of shift trades, vacancies, and cancellations that your team needs to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

modzee™ Audit

Use modzee™ to build custom audits that drive actionable insights and measure performance across your network. Allow your teams to develop action plans and drive operational excellence. Using our robust audit and benchmarking tools, your team can build consistency across your brand, ensure compliance and drive continued improvement across your business..

modzee Schedule & Shift

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