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Aligning a diverse team can be a full-time job. Add modzee Training to your dashboard for customizable training that’s simple for you to set up and for your team to use.
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Integrated drag and drop builder


Onboarding made easy

Assign training modules based on roles, departments and locations with completion deadlines and minimum grades.

Intuitive-to-use Lesson Builder

If you can build an email, you can build the custom course on modzee. Drag and drop photos, videos, quizzes and other features.

Import existing lesson files

No need to start from scratch. If you already have an existing online training program, simply import the files and add any additional modzee features before publishing.

  •  Custom course builder
  •  Automated onboarding
  •  Learner certificates
  •  Import existing lesson files
  •  Tin Can API compliant 
  •  Engagement and performance data
  •  Customize by brand, group, role and location

Build knowledge and drive performance

Engage & educate with modzee™ Training for a fully integrated, feature-rich Learning Management System.
modzee Training Lesson Builder
Integrated drag and drop builder

Lesson Builder

Our integrated lesson builder makes it easy for anyone on your team to quickly assemble a variety of lessons and courses. From simple text-based content to beautiful audio/video courses – modzee™ Training eliminates the need for costly third-party content development applications, giving you all the tools you’ll need to ensure your eLearning content is engaging and effective.
modzee Training
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Lesson builder: Quickly assemble a variety of lessons and courses

Course Manager: Publish training to the right teams

Learner certification: Automated certification programs

Tin Can API compliant: Import your existing lesson files from other LMS systems