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Enrich your company culture and motivate performance by adding a rewards program to your digital workplace.
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modzee rewards


You choose what leads to rewards

Choose any action across your modzee platform and offer points for those actions. Reading messages, downloading files and completing training courses.

Different teams like different rewards

No department has the same set of tasks that, well, need rewarding. You can make rewards available to the whole team or specific departments with unique triggers for each.

As easy as online shopping

Our Rewards Manager makes it easy customize and control your Rewards with inventory settings, expiry dates and limited-time-only prizing. To redeem, simply add to cart.

You control the rewards

Just because someone went above and beyond doesn’t mean it happened online. Reward offline behaviours with modzee Points — no problem.

  •  Customized triggers
  •  QR tracking
  •  Customizable rewards manager
  •  Reward outside of triggers
  •  Customize by brand, group, role and location
modzee Core
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Integrated Reward System Integrated Reward System
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